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Luke Kaufman - Arena Announcer

...awaiting details!

Boyce Knox - Owner

Boyce, a former bull-riding champion, runs Rafter K farm and is the stock contractor for the events. Boyce is excited to have his whole family working together to put on a great event each week! Boyce envisions Rafter K Arena as a place "to buck young bulls to see if they were good enough to go to the PBR (Professional Bull Riding), or not". 

Most bull riders get started at a young age with mutton busting and work their way up to calf riding then steer riding and, finally, bull riding. At Rafter K, all four events are showcased as part of a buckle series under the SEBRA sanction. Buckles and awards will be presented at the last event of the season. Teague Bucking Bulls of Winston Salem will once again be one of the main bull stock contractors along with Rafter K's own bulls. Teague's bull, Bones, got his start at Rafter K for the past two seasons and was the 2008 PBR Bucking Bull of the Year.

Boyce is considering spotlighting Bones and Little Yellow Jacket, another of Teague's bulls that was PBR Bucking Bull of the Year in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

Matt Merritt - Arena Funnyman

Matt started entertaining when he was 17 yrs old, his first show was in Dubberly, LA. and he didn't use a microphone. A few people who produced events were there and were willing to hire him. It took off pretty fast and he was booked all summer for three years. He met his wife Bonnie Laws for the first time at a Bull Riding in Galax, VA. The same thing that happened in LA. happened in this area and he finds himself traveling all around the southeast more and more.  He has won several awards for his performances!